Our reporting tools provide the performance data you need to optimize your success

Track and optimize your performance with reports that show:


  • Performance by Campaign: Analyze your performance data based on specific campaigns.
  • Performance by Category: Drill down to see your results across eBay’s various categories and subcategories.
  • Performance by Checkout Site: Discover your performance across different eBay global sites.
  • Performance by Custom ID: Explore how your traffic is performing based on this optional variable, which some partners use to further segment reporting data.
  • Performance by Day: Track aggregate performance for each day in a specific date range.
  • Performance by Month: Review monthly performance snapshots.
  • Performance by Tool: Uncover which methods of creating and sharing links is delivering the best performance.
  • Performance by Top Selling Item: Investigate your top transacting items, so you can further tune your performance.
  • Transaction Detail: Capture every transaction made using your affiliate links, with the ability to drill down to your most granular data.


All of the reports can be: viewed online; emailed (in real time or scheduled in advance); downloaded as Excel, CSV, or PDF files; and scripted to be regularly retrieved through APIs.

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