Ensure your users land where they're most prepared to buy

As a global site, eBay has a lot of methods to engage buyers and highlight products. But that also means you need to understand what options are available to you when launching a campaign to ensure it is targeted but also has the broadest possible appeal for your users.


Matching the right eBay page type to your promotional links and content will help drive conversion, increase commissions, and inspire your audience. Here is a quick guide to the different page types we offer, with examples:

Category Page

For discovering seasonal items, unique inventory, and promotional events from a specific product category.

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Product Page

When promoting a specific item on eBay, link directly to the product and optimize for conversion.

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Search Results

Presenting the search result pages for various keywords is a good way to drive traffic to a list of items from which your users can select whether it is multiple listings for a single product (iPhone XS) or listings related to broader terms (DSLR).

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Brand Page

By highlighting every offering from a specific brand and including category, size, and color filters, the results can be customized to either your or your users’ liking.

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Deals Page

Featuring the hottest daily deals across eBay, this page gives your audience our best discounts, or you can use it to tell your users about a hot deal.

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Promotional Events

Curating deals specific to certain events throughout the year, such as holidays, major sporting events, and going back to school, these pages deliver timely content for your audience.

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