Our experimentation platform is where our premium partners go to determine their true revenue potential through incrementality testing.


Different than last-click attribution, incrementality testing provides insight into items that would not have been purchased without the influence of a specific partner. To help you realize and reward your incremental value, our experimentation platform was designed to deliver a technical framework and methodology specific for premium partners.


Testing can result in higher confidence, as well as the competitive advantage of the best possible commission rate. Your rates will maintain priority over similar, untested partners, providing you with the potential for:


  • Proven higher incrementality lays the groundwork for potential budget changes

  • Competitive advantage: Partners conducting tests get the highest confidence, others (look-alikes) get up to 40% lower value


True Performance Marketing with Data-Driven Thinking


To gain confidence in your impact to eBay, we measure your incrementality to track whether your shoppers convert into buyers because of your ad.


This testing is ideal for partners that want to do incrementality testing but don’t have the technical capabilities to properly randomize and track their audience.


To participate, you need to be able to:


  • Implement an impression pixel

  • Assign unique IDs for all users in the test groups

  • Integrate an API that will dynamically split users into ON/OFF groups
  • Implement JavaScript code for suppressing users assigned to the OFF group


Partners that do incrementality testing have the highest confidence behind their numbers. Similar partners that haven’t done a test immediately get lower incrementality multipliers (and usually lower rates) than their tested counterparts. Those with high incrementality and elasticity (ability to drive more sales with higher commissions) are top-of-mind for extra spend when budget becomes available.


*Elasticity, marketing budget, and market conditions are other factors besides incrementality that are considered when making pricing decisions.